From Failure To Fluency...
What Every "Intermediate" Student Ought To Know About Becoming Fluent In Spanish

"Traditional language learning methods and textbook factories are keeping Spanish learners trapped under a "glass ceiling", with potentially serious (even deadly) consequences."

If you're stuck at intermediate Spanish, I can show you the immediate changes that will have you speaking more fluently in weeks, so you can become truly independent in Spanish.

Dear friend,

10 years ago, a Mexican woman driving on the highway between Cancún and Playa Del Carmen, was cut off at 120 km/hr, and flew off the highway into a tree. 

As a native Spanish speaker, she was normally more than capable of talking with the medical professionals who battled to save her. 

The only problem was...she was severely injured, making it near-impossible to speak. 

As she lay waiting for the ambulance, she mustered enough energy to make a call to inform her expat husband.  

From that moment on, her husband had to deal with the chaos that ensued... all in Spanish. 

Now, with any luck, your Spanish skills will NEVER be put the test in such a terrible way. 

But that wasn't the case with this person. 

Let me introduce you to Jeremy...
Jeremy is from Toronto, Canada.

He started learning Spanish when he went to live in Cancún, Mexico, 15 years ago. 

Cancún has the reputation for being a tourist magnet, which might explain why Jeremy struggled to progress in Spanish from the beginning.
I met Jeremy last year, at The Pitted Date café, 68km South of Cancún, in a small, sun-drenched town called Playa del Carmen...

 Or "Playa" (as the locals call it).
He told me about his life in Mexico.

Jeremy is an energetic, type A, uber-healthy guy, who gives 100% to everything he does. 

After talking at length about healthy lifestyles, podcasting, and languages… We instantly hit it off.

He told me about his family and friends. He told me about a local boy, the son of his housekeeper, who he and his wife “adopted”.

Then, he told me a shocking (but all too familiar) story.

"10 years ago, my wife was driving on the highway between Cancún and Playa Del Carmen and had a very serious crash. While she was in the hospital, I had to deal with all the different people involved -- in Spanish. It was incredibly stressful."

You see, although Jeremy had been in Mexico for years, his Spanish was poor.

In the hospital, the doctors spoke far too quickly, and he couldn't keep up.

He had urgent questions about his wife's condition, but had difficulty choosing words when he spoke and quickly got frustrated.

He was suddenly forced to face reality:

His Spanish wasn't good enough.
Are You Ashamed Of Your Spanish?
With his wife to help him with daily needs, and a network of friends and family who spoke good English, he had always managed to avoid getting to grips with Spanish.

People around him would always come to the rescue. 

Listen to Jeremy explain how he felt:
Truth is, speaking fluent Spanish had never mattered all that much... 

But sitting in the hospital, struggling to deal with the situation he was unexpectedly plunged into, Jeremy suddenly realised that learning Spanish could - one day - quite literally be matter of life or death. 

Something had to change.

He made a commitment to himself, and to his family: 

That he would learn to speak Spanish fluently, so he could be closer to his family and friends, see the world through their eyes, and even take responsibility for them too.

"I really don't want to go through life without learning a second language,” he said.

(He didn't even consider all the professional opportunities that might come his way once he could speak Spanish fluently. But that’s a story for later.)
"I've Tried So Many Ways To Learn Spanish!"
Over the years, Jeremy had tried lots of ways to learn Spanish:

• Face-to-face Spanish courses
• CD´s 
• Group Classes 

He also tried to speak Spanish with his wife from time to time. 

But as a fluent English speaker herself, speaking Spanish always felt unnatural. 

They usually took the easy option, falling back on English.

But English was a shared language that would be near useless after the accident, as Jeremy was left by himself, extremely stressed, and unable to deal with the language he’d legitimately tried to learn as it flew past his ears faster than the car that nearly killed his wife.

So, even though he was determined to improve his Spanish after the accident...

He didn’t know how. 

Despite his resolution to successfully learn Spanish this time, Jeremy quickly fell back on old habits...

• He dusted off his old textbooks (even though he didn't like textbooks)
• He signed up for more classes (and spent another small fortune)
• He tried striking up conversations on the street (with strangers who didn’t have time to help him practice Spanish)

Later, he tried traveling around Mexico, to areas where only Spanish was spoken.

He even went as far as completing a week-long Spanish immersion course - taught by the personal instructor of Senator and US presidential candidate John McCain.

But still, the breakthrough he longed for was nowhere to be seen.

It wasn't long before his motivation began to subside again.

"I really need to see some visible progress to stay motivated," he thought.

As life slowly returned to normal, so Jeremy began to rely on his wife again for the daily tasks in Spanish. 

He continued to sit in silence (and frustration) whenever he went out with his wife and her Spanish-speaking friends. 

Even when Jeremy went for a medical checkup, he would usually have to ask someone to go with him.

Truth is, Jeremy continued to make very little progress in his Spanish for 10 long years after that.

He used to think that moving to a Spanish-speaking country would make it easy to learn Spanish.

But it didn’t work out that way. (It never does!)

10 Long Years… And Few Signs Of Progress!
It wasn't until we met in Playa last year that things began to change...

And change fast! (You'll see how in just a moment.)
It was sweltering in Playa the day we met - upwards of 35º. 

We met at the Pitted Date, sat down in the cool air-conditioning, and ordered some fresh juice. 

I listened carefully to Jeremy's story. 

He told me everything. 

And I realised immediately what he was doing wrong in his Spanish...

Why his progress in had been so slow...

The Big "Intermediate" Mistake You're Probably Making
You see, I'd seen it all before. 

My name is Olly Richards and I'm a language teacher and teacher trainer.

I also speak eight languages.

I'm known around the world for my work teaching people how to acquire foreign languages quickly. 
When I teach people the art of language learning, I use my own personal experience of going through the language learning process many times (in the real world, not in a classroom). 

With all this practical experience, you come to understand certain "truths" about what's necessary to learn a language well. 

One of those "truths" is this:

Everyone Makes The Same Mistake Once They Reach An Intermediate Level In A Language. 

I explained this to Jeremy:

"The reason you're stuck at the intermediate plateau is because you're still studying like a beginner. You're taking classes, studying with textbooks... classroom-based learning. Am I right?"

Jeremy nodded. 

"Yes. But what would you recommend?" he asked.

I explained...

"Language classrooms and textbooks give you dumbed-down, simplified "nuggets" of Spanish to study. That's fine for beginners. But now you know the basics, you have to stop behaving like a beginner."
Are You Stranded In “Intermediate” No Man’s Land?
I went on...

"To become fluent in Spanish, you have to start behaving like a fluent Spanish speaker! 

You need to put the textbooks away, and stop learning the way you did at school."
According to a Guardian survey of young people and language learning, more than four in ten students of Spanish...say they would even “have difficulty understanding, speaking or writing anything”.
The Guardian - "Most language students unable to do more than understand basic phrases". (21 Nov 2014)

"Instead," I continued, "you need to start spending lots of time immersed in real Spanish - by listening and reading."

I watched the expression change on Jeremy's face as the penny dropped.

He said:

"That makes total sense.

You can't learn to cook from reading recipe books or cooking classes alone. To become a great cook, you have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking!

How can you be great at a foreign language without spending tonnes of time actually exposed to the real thing?"

He got it. 

I explained that when you spend more time reading and listening to Spanish, a wonderful thing happens...

You quickly expand your vocabulary and learn grammar naturally. 

Dramatic improvements in your speaking soon follow.

As Dr Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at USC, explains:

We do not master languages by hard study and memorization, or by producing it. Rather, we acquire language when we understand what people tell us and what we read.

- Dr. Stephen Krashen
Excited, Jeremy went off to start studying with the approach I recommended. 

But he soon ran into trouble.
Why Even Expats Struggle To Learn Spanish
The next day, Jeremy messaged me with an urgent question:

"Olly, I started reading and listening in Spanish. I tried reading a novel, but I got stuck on the first page. I found some audio on the internet, but it was far too fast and I couldn’t follow."

Truth is, I was happy to get this message.


Because now he was ready for the real "secret sauce". 

Here's what I told Jeremy:
The secret is to study with material in Spanish that's pitched at just the right level for you.

If the material is too hard, you'll feel overwhelmed. 

If the material is too easy, you'll get bored. 

You need to look for material pitched just above your current level. 

This is where so many expats run into trouble learning Spanish abroad.

They may be surrounded by Spanish, but they don’t learn anything listening to Spanish that’s way above their head.

(Jeremy spent 15 years in Mexico and his Spanish wasn’t improving.)

Whether you live in Mexico or Manchester…

Cancún or Canada… 

The secret to conquering the “intermediate plateau” in Spanish is to spend your time in the Zone of Genius

How To Study In Your "Zone Of Genius"
When you’re in your Zone of Genius, you immerse yourself in Spanish material that is very slightly above your current level in Spanish:
By being slightly beyond your current level, it pushes you just the right amount, so you keep learning without getting overwhelmed. 

Jeremy had discovered that once you reach the “intermediate” level in Spanish, it can be hard to find material that fits in your Zone of Genius

Your choice is between “super hard” (movies, books, etc) and “too easy” (beginner textbooks). 

But now, he was ready for what I gave him next...

My private collection of Spanish learning material:

• Short stories in Spanish with audio narrations
• Conversations between Spanish speakers, which I had recorded and had transcribed (word-for-word) transcriptions 
• Interesting articles and videos from around the Spanish speaking world, all with audio and transcripts
• And much more...

All pitched just above a standard “intermediate” level in Spanish - slap bang in Jeremy’s Zone of Genius, and the perfect bridge to advanced Spanish.  

(I had spent years carefully curating this material for my own learning.)

I also made sure that any Spanish audio came with a transcription. And every Spanish text came with an audio recording. 

I explained why:

“The magic of having audio and text together, is that you improve your comprehension in Spanish twice as fast. This way, you have the audio to improve your comprehension, and the text to help out whenever you don’t understand. It’s a magical combination!“

Jeremy was like a kid at Christmas.

Right away, he began spending his days reading and listening to the fun, engaging material I gave him.
Speaking More Confidently In Weeks
After just a few weeks, Jeremy noticed how this new exposure to Spanish was filtering through into his speaking confidence:
"A couple of days ago, my car broke down on the highway and I needed to call my insurance company and get a tow truck. I was dealing with all these people on a loud highway, on a cellphone, and normally this would've been very, very stressful. But I was able to get it done!" 

Memories came flooding back of the aftermath of his wife’s crash, 10 years earlier. 

Of how he tried hard to communicate with the people involved, but was left tongue-tied. 

Of the 10 long years that followed, as he tried in vain to improve his Spanish through traditional means...without success. 

He described what was different this time:

"It wasn't perfect, but now I have the confidence to speak Spanish anywhere I need!"

That was after just a few weeks of studying Spanish in his Zone of Genius

Before long, Jeremy began to feel this transformation throughout his daily life:
"Last few days professionally have been pretty tough. I felt pretty down. But it was nice to know that I was working on something that's more than just work - my Spanish. I just finished a conversation in Spanish and I feel great!"

Soon came the big "Eureka" moment...
"Olly, you're not going to believe this, I just delivered my entire Veganfest presentation in Spanish. I never would have been able to do this a month ago. Ever. Thank you!"

It was moment Jeremy realised visibly how his Spanish had transformed:

His vocabulary had grown to a point where he was able to express almost everything he wanted - above or beyond the 3,000 words necessary to understand 94.0% of spoken Spanish. ¹
Sure, he didn’t know every word in Spanish, but the time spent listening to material in his Zone of Genius had helped him advance to the point where he could follow the flow of conversations without difficulty.

His reading had given him an "innate" understanding of Spanish grammar that allowed him to express himself with ease, and even grace! 
1. Davies, M. 2005, Vocabulary Range and Text Coverage: Insights from the Forthcoming Routledge Frequency Dictionary of Spanish
Setbacks Make You Stronger
Image Source: This Is A Book, Demetri Martin
It wasn't all plain sailing though, and there were moments when Jeremy doubted the progress he was making.

He told me how, on the Día de Muertos, he went to see a movie and was disappointed that he couldn't follow along as well as he hoped:
"I thought with all the Spanish practice, that I would understand everything that was going on. I was disappointed that my level of Spanish wasn't up to watching a fast-talking Mexican movie."

The movie experience brought back bad memories of past struggles with Spanish.

In a private message that I won't share here, he told me how it reminded him of feeling stressed while struggling to understand the doctors when his wife was in the hospital. 

In a quiet moment, Jeremy began to question whether he had the resolve to continue the work we had started

But his greatest decision...

The thing that took the most courage...

Was to stick to the method that was working so well for him, in spite of the occasional dip in motivation. 

He carried on. 

And finally, the doubt began to subside. 

As Jeremy’s Spanish blossomed, he discovered the same truth that lies in store for every aspiring language learner…

“Fluent Spanish” is not the goal.

The goal of learning Spanish is the new life that awaits once you have become fluent.

Less than three months since we started our work, Jeremy told me how his life had transformed:
"Now I can go out with my wife, take a class, or socialise in a group... and actually be able to participate, understand jokes... it's a life-changer... and we only started this six weeks ago!"

(He said six weeks, but in reality it was more like ten.)

Jeremy now has the skills and the confidence to live a fuller, more independent life, with closer ties to the people around him, and the comfort that he will always be able to look after the people he cares about most. 
"It's A Life-Changer!"
I’ll admit that Jeremy's Spanish was not yet perfect.

He still made the odd grammar mistake, and forgot the occasional word.


In The Space Of A Few Short Weeks, Jeremy Was Able To Reach A Level Of Fluency In Spanish That He Yearned For...For 15 Years!

In his own words:

"It's a life-changer!"

And it all came from a simple commitment to start learning in his Zone of Genius.

Now, Jeremy's results aren't necessarily typical..

(He determined, and he works hard!)

I can't guarantee that everyone can, or will, achieve the degree of success that Jeremy did, in the same time frame.

But, if you're interested, I'd like to tell you about an opportunity to get access to the exact same training I offered my friend.

So you can follow a proven path to fluency, and learn to be truly independent in Spanish.

So you’re able to live a full life, enjoy every moment, and see life "through Spanish eyes".

You see, I wanted to take the knowledge I used to help Jeremy reach his Spanish goals, and make it available to people I'm not fortunate enough to meet, wherever they live in the world. 

How You Can Transform Your Spanish Using This System
To help you take control of your Spanish, I created the Fluent Spanish Academy - a small membership community of passionate Spanish learners around the world.

In the Academy, you'll:

1) Learn the simple (yet counterintuitive) study methods I taught Jeremy that can transform your Spanish in a matter of weeks.

2) Get custom-made material designed for intermediate learners, so you can study in your Zone of Genius and move quickly and efficiently towards fluency in Spanish. (It's the same material I gave Jeremy.)  
3) Join an intimate community of like-minded Spanish learners, so you have a supportive network of people to drive you to success without ever feeling alone before you reach the finish line.

Here's what you gain access to when you join the Fluent Spanish Academy:

Listening Comprehension Training

A comprehensive audio library of natural conversations between native Spanish speakers from different countries, so you can learn to understand fast conversational Spanish, whatever the accent, and without leaving your living room. 

Each charla comes with word-for-word transcripts, so you can match the spoken words to the written word, and “fill in the gaps” in your listening skills. At 3-5 minutes each, you’ll be able to learn efficiently without getting overwhelmed by long, rambling conversations!

Audio Spanish Classes

Our amazing collection audio lessons teach you hand-picked Spanish words and phrases from "the street". In a friendly, audio discussion format between myself and co-host Angela, you'll feel like you're sitting with us over coffee, as we teach you practical, daily Spanish phrases you need to make your conversations more natural. 

These stimulating audio lessons can be studied anywhere - washing the dishes, commuting to work, or out on a long walk - so you can upgrade your Spanish without having to find any extra time in your schedule!

Short Stories in Spanish

Our large collection of captivating short stories teach you Spanish grammar the natural way, by thrilling and delighting you into spending more time with the language every day as you find out whodunnit. 

Each story is written to focus on a specific (so-called) "tricky" grammar point, like the dreaded subjunctive, so you can immerse yourself in a world of entertaining Spanish fiction, while subconsciously learning the hardest grammar in the language... all without breaking a sweat! 

Like with everything in the Academy, the stories are written for your level, so you're getting pushed just the right amount, without getting overwhelmed or frustrated by difficult vocabulary you'll never need. Of course, all stories are accompanied by rich audio narrations, so you can listen and review the stories by ear when you're out and about. 

Coaching with Olly

Sometimes, the best way to understand a difficult language point in Spanish is to sit with a skilled teacher. Whether it's a tricky grammar point, useful Spanish phrases, or memory techniques to help you memorise new words, you'll get access to a collection of special training classes I recorded especially for Academy students, covering topics like:

- Master the subjunctive in 30 minutes flat
- How to engineer the perfect Spanish lesson
- "Fluency Hooks" - a strategy for speaking in fuller, more complete sentences
- How to combine the past tenses in Spanish
- And much, much more 

Weekly Idioms

Idioms are the "spice" of the Spanish language. Knowing which idioms to use, and when, can elevate your Spanish conversations from monochrome to technicolour! 

That's why we carefully curate and teach the most punchy Spanish idioms to our students every week, so you can learn to sound as witty and cultured in Spanish as you do in your mother tongue. (Or possibly more!)
"Fluent Spanish Academy is incredible!"
Here's what students say about the Academy...

"I learned more in 9 months than 6 years at school!"

I have been able to become fluent in Spanish, something that I have wanted to do my entire life, but have never been able to manage. THANK YOU for setting out the road map for how to do this!

Your techniques have made a world of difference, and it's a shame that schools and universities still use the traditional pedagogical methods. I find it amazing that I was able to learn more Spanish in 9 months with your techniques than I did in the 6+ years I studied Spanish in school.

- Courtney Baird
There's much more besides...

Intermediate Orientation Course - When I first met Jeremy in Mexico, I carefully explained the challenges of the "intermediate plateau" in Spanish, and what he had to do to beat it. Only once he understood the "Why" behind the Zone of Genius could he get on with the job of becoming fluent in Spanish. In this mini-course, you'll get that same coaching from me. 

The course lays the foundation for what's to come, by teaching you exactly how to study with the material from the Academy to reach your fluency goals. In one fell swoop, you'll benefit from my experience learning eight languages, have a roadmap of your study going forward, and begin the final phase of your Spanish journey with confidence and clarity. 
Uniquely Valuable...
Whether you're living in a Spanish-speaking country, struggling to get quality Spanish conversation with busy local people... 

Or whether you're simply dreaming of traveling to a Spanish speaking country some day...

The Academy gives you something uniquely valuable: 

The Ability To Work In Your Own Zone Of Genius, By Creating An Environment Of Perfect Spanish Immersion At Your Level, So You Can Reliably Improve Your Spanish, In Your Own Time And On Your Own Terms, Without Relying On "Charity" From Other People. 

However, to be frank, the Academy probably isn't right for you.

(But more on that later.)

What Do Our Members Have To Say?
Russ Warren
- Fluent Spanish Academy Member
Carolyn Koslow
- Fluent Spanish Academy Member
Michael De Miranda
- Fluent Spanish Academy Member
How The Academy Was Developed
Olly teams up with Angela Moreno to create the Fluent Spanish Academy. Angela is an experienced teacher, expert in Spanish phonology, accent reduction specialist, and DELE examiner.
Olly and Angela begin to create video training, audio lessons, and short stories for the Academy...
We expand our library with recordings of conversations between Angela and Spanish speakers from across the Spanish-speaking world. 
In June 2016, the Academy launches to a BETA group of 100 people from 20+ countries around the world.
Our library grows into a unique collection of dedicated intermediate Spanish resources
We teach a new series of classes on Spanish idioms
Olly records special training videos to reveal his language learning techniques to Academy members across the world
A Typical Month In The Academy
Where the Fluent Spanish Academy really comes into its own is where all our different material works together.

Here's how a typical student might spend a month in the Academy.

1) Firstly, let's say you watch my training on the subjunctive in Spanish. (A notoriously sticky grammar point.) 

2) You leave the class with a surprising, fresh new understanding of the subjunctive. You realise you don't have to memorise any of the rules you thought you did. You want to keep up the momentum from the class, and build on what you've learned after years of confusion.
3) You crack open the study pack that comes with the subjunctive class. For the next 30 days, over your morning coffee, you complete one short exercise from the pack. By returning to the topic every morning, you quickly develop a natural understanding of how the subjunctive works... in the time it takes to drink your coffee.

4) In the evenings, to relax, you devour one of our short stories that focuses on the subjunctive. You see the subjunctive being used naturally, over and over again, as you read for pleasure. You play the audio along as you read the story, to reinforce your understanding. Before long, the subjunctive starts to become second nature. And it doesn't even feel like study!

5) You see a couple of uses of the subjunctive in the story that you don't quite understand. They're nagging at you. You head over to our Facebook community, and fire off your question to the group. Within minutes, a group member chimes in and helps you come unstuck. 

6) While driving the next day, you listen to a conversation in the Listening Comprehension Training library. You never used to notice the subjunctive being used - it would wash over you and pass you by. But this time, thanks to your regular focused study, you spot it immediately. 

7) That evening, while speaking Spanish with your teacher, you notice that you're using the subjunctive in your own speaking. It has begun filtering through into your Spanish, in a natural way, thanks to your ongoing efforts and spending quality time with the language.

This is a typical experience, as you can see from member comments:
Can you learn in this way in your traditional classes?

Can you see the immense value of such a rich learning environment?

To replicate this kind of learning, you'd need many, many class hours with a teacher, costing $100s a month, and $100s more spent on reading/listening material.

And that's if you could even find suitable material, and the right teacher. 

But in truth, even that probably wouldn't work. 

(Think about it, you'd know by now if it were easy.)

The Fluent Spanish Academy provides a complete ecosystem that gives you everything you need to develop a truly natural ability in the Spanish language, and see results immediately in your daily life. 

Of course, the example above is just for a specific learning point - the subjunctive. Imagine every else you'll learn during the course of just one month in the Academy.

"Thrilled With The Academy!"

I wanted you to know that I am thrilled with the Fluent Spanish Academy. I'm eager to work with the Listening Comprehension Training and love Grammar Central and the Pronunciation Training. Learning with Angela is a dream.

- Judi Martindale, USA
Fluent Spanish Academy Membership
Membership to the Fluent Spanish Academy is priced very reasonably:

Only $315 a year (USD)

(If you're in Europe, it's £225 or €259 a year at today's exchange rate.)

That works out at just $0.81 per day over the course of a year. And even less since you'll have lifetime access.

(For you Europeans, that's £0.58 or €0.67 a day.)

For $0.81 per day, what excuse do you give when people ask you why you're not fluent yet?

Since those who commit invariably get faster, more explosive results in their Spanish (like Jeremy did), I'd like to offer you a very special limited time promotion...

Normally, Fluent Spanish Academy membership costs US $315 per year, but for a limited time, you can get LIFETIME ACCESS for just $297.

That's roughly the same price as just one Spanish lesson each month with a "professional" teacher.

As this is an experimental promo, I don't know how long it will be available for and I can't promise the price won't rise again in the future.
Join Today!
Membership to the Fluent Spanish Academy normally costs $315/year. (The price of one regular Spanish lesson per month.)

Take advantage of this special opportunity now and get lifetime access for one single payment of just $297

That's less than $1 per day.

No catch. No hidden fees.

Fluent Spanish Academy "VIP"
(One-time payment in USD)
  • Fluent Spanish Academy - Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited One-To-One Coaching
Fluent Spanish Academy
(One-time payment in USD)
  • Fluent Spanish Academy - Lifetime Access
Our members are learning varieties of Spanish from across the Spanish speaking world... and we go the extra mile to support them with this!

This is because we believe that a good Spanish speaker isn't just restricted to his/her local variety. Rather, a good Spanish speaker can interact with people from all kinds of Spanish backgrounds. 

So, in the Academy, you'll find resources in multiple varieties of Spanish:

• Listening training from around the Spanish-speaking world
• Castilian and Latin American versions of our stories (text and audio)
• Lesson notes that teach you regional variations of common phrases
• And much, much more...

Special "VIP" Option: 
Unlimited Coaching
Would you like personal support to help ensure your success learning Spanish with the Fluent Spanish Academy?

If you have struggled to stay focused with your Spanish in the past, worry about losing your motivation to study, or want professional support in identifying your personal struggles, refining your language learning techniques, and breaking out of the "intermediate plateau" ... then our exclusive "VIP" option may be for you! 

With unlimited coaching, you'll get unlimited one-to-one sessions with a certified coach, who helps make sure you study to your full potential in the programme and break out of intermediate Spanish as soon as possible. 

Benefits of coaching:

Focus on one path of study (and stick to it) so you stay focused without distraction for as long as you need to successfully learn Spanish

Expert insight into your personal “sticking points”, so you can conquer difficult language points quickly and reach higher levels of Spanish, especially if you've tried in the past without success

Sky-high motivation to learn Spanish, as your coach helps ensure you're making real progress and remain as excited as you felt in your very first Spainsh lesson! (Remember that?)

Accountability with a real person, so you follow through on your study plans, learn to the best of your ability, and make yourself proud!

Coaching sessions take place over Skype and are truly unlimited. The package lasts until you feel you have reached your goal of fluent Spanish. 

Results From Academy Members

"I learned more in 9 months than 6 years at school!"

I have been able to become fluent in Spanish, something that I have wanted to do my entire life, but have never been able to manage. THANK YOU for setting out the road map for how to do this!

Your techniques have made a world of difference, and it's a shame that schools and universities still use the traditional pedagogical methods. I find it amazing that I was able to learn more Spanish in 9 months with your techniques than I did in the 6+ years I studied Spanish in school.

- Courtney Baird
"To Robert, Thank you for supporting [us] using your Spanish to communicate well...and helping the family with daily routine tasks. We really appreciate your input!"
- Certificate of Appreciation, New Zealand Red Cross
But, there's a word of warning... 
My Prediction For Your Spanish
In all likelihood, the Academy won't be for you. 

First, if you're a complete beginner, you're not ready for the Academy. Sorry. Our materials assume some knowledge of Spanish, and are targeting at intermediate level learners. 

Second - and most important - most people aren't willing to change their "beginner habits". 

They jump from one Spanish resource to the next, like a butterfly, relying on short, bite-sized lessons, looking for instant gratification.

The Academy isn't like that. 


And I can't help you if you're not willing to think differently

After all, achieving a big goal like becoming fluent in a foreign language is not for everyone.

In fact, it takes a special kind of person to join the Academy.

Here's what I require of you:

• You're prepared to study independently
• You understand that learning doesn't happen in a straight line
• You don't need a teacher standing over your shoulder checking up on you every minute
• You don't rely on shiny apps with flashing lights and loud noises for motivation
• You're willing to work hard, and possibly even put up with a bit of discomfort in order to achieve your goals (Even if you'd rather be at the beach!)

So, if you find yourself saying "I'm working on a another programme right now" or "I'm not sure I can devote enough time to justify the cost"...

Chances are you're not right for the Academy. 

(And, after reading all this, if you're still wondering "What makes your system unique?" - please do NOT enrol.)


If you recognise some of yourself in Jeremy's story...

If the learning challenges I described set bells ringing in your head...

If you're willing to do things a little differently...

And if you still think you'd be a good fit for the Fluent Spanish Academy, here's where you can enrol today without delay...
Join Today!
Membership to the Fluent Spanish Academy normally costs $315/year. (The price of one regular Spanish lesson per month.)

Take advantage of this special opportunity now and get lifetime access for one single payment of just $297

That's less than $1 per day.

No catch. No hidden fees.

For a few people, their life will change dramatically. 

Just like Jeremy's did. 

Because they chose a new course for their language learning:

"Now I can go out with my wife, take a class, or socialise in a group... and actually be able to participate, understand jokes... it's a life-changer... and we only started this six weeks ago!"

Not everyone will commit to a new way of doing things.

But if you do, your life will start to take on new meaning, as the endless opportunities that come with speaking fluent Spanish emerge from the woodwork.

As Jeremy discovered in Mexico:

• New friends appear from nowhere
• Social invitations start to land on your doorstep
• People treat you like a local
• You're trusted with "local gossip"

...and your friends and family feel a new kind of respect for you that was never there before. 

I'm excited to welcome you into our community!

"When we wanted to create an online course on how to learn a language we asked Olly to write it with us. His experience as a language learner has been invaluable."

Dr. Tita Beaven, The Open University

"Olly’s top-notch language-learning insights are right in line with the best of what we know from neuroscience and cognitive psychology about how to learn effectively. I love his work—and you will too!"

Dr. Barbara Oakley, Author Of NYT Best-seller: A Mind For Numbers & Instructor Of Learning How To Learn - The World’s Largest Massive Open Online Course

"Olly’s advice on language learning is the real deal, and I recommend you pay attention to what he has to say!"

Benny Lewis, Fluent in 3 Months

"Learning a language is challenging, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your brain and your learning skill set… Olly Richards is doing some seriously incredible work to empower more and more people to rise to the challenge."

Jonathan Levi, Entrepreneur & Eclectic
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Membership to the Fluent Spanish Academy normally costs $315/year. (The price of one regular Spanish lesson per month.)

Take advantage of this special opportunity now and get lifetime access for one single payment of just $297

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Is the Fluent Spanish Academy a traditional Spanish course?
No, this is not a traditional Spanish course...for a very good reason! There are many traditional self-study Spanish courses on the market, which can be useful for beginners. But learning to speak fluent Spanish requires a different skill set. The focus of the Academy is on learning techniques, planning your study, keeping you accountable, and having a community of likeminded people so you don't have to do it alone. 
Do you teach Latin American or Castilian Spanish?
Both! The Academy is for you no matter what variety of Spanish you are learning, and our members learn all major varieties of the language - from Spain and throughout Latin and Central America. Our materials are mostly "neutral" Spanish, meaning we teach things that are appropriate for any Spanish-speaking country. However, our listening training includes conversations in many different varieties of Spanish, which is great for ear training and makes you a more confident speaker of Spanish.

It is often a concern of students not to learn the "wrong" kind of Spanish. However, 99% of the Spanish language is identical, whichever country you are in. Almost everything you learn in Spain can be used in Mexico, and vice versa. Differences in vocabulary between countries are mostly limited to certain familiar daily words and phrases (food, greetings etc), and the particular way of saying "you" (singular/plural). These are usually learned as a beginner. Beyond this, most of what you learn can be considered "standard Spanish" and you can use it anywhere. 
I'm a beginner in Spanish. Is this for me?
No. The Fluent Spanish Academy is for people who have already learned some Spanish, and now want to become fluent. If you're a beginner, or you want to revisit the basics, please see my beginner programme. (Click here)
What's your refund policy?
Your lifetime membership is billed as a single one-time payment of $297. I'm confident you're going to love the Academy, and once you get stareted you'll never want to leave. So if it’s not for you, you can simply email me any time within 30 days, and I’ll refund your money… every penny. But trust me, join the community, take action and you’ll never want to leave, let alone a refund!
What makes the Fluent Spanish Academy different?
In the Fluent Spanish Academy you get to learn the secrets to becoming fluent in Spanish from someone who's been there and done eight different languages. No other programme can offer you the same kind of insights. 

You'll learn what you're doing wrong, and how to fix it. You'll also be part of a thriving community of people dedicated to learning fluent Spanish. You'll no longer have any feelings of uncertainty over how to study Spanish every day, because we'll be with you every step of the way. 
Will I still need a Spanish teacher?
To become fluent in Spanish, you need to practise speaking often. The only place you can get this practice is...real life! Some people find that hiring a tutor to help get enough speaking practice is the most convenient route. Others have friends or family they can speak to. Fluent Spanish Academy gives you all the tools, structure, materials and motivation you need, but you'll still need to create opportunities to practise speaking Spanish yourself.